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Friday, January 22, 2016

Inspire ME Friday: (re)IMAGINE is good

"Passing up a cupcake may be a test of willpower but the goal of fitting into a smaller pair of jeans is an easily imagined, and often attainable, one."


(re)IMAGINE means change.

While many of us will say that "change" is the magic panacea when we aren't satisfied with an organization, political administration, personal relationship or management team, it is one of the things that we are inherently resistant to do. Change is hard, feels unnatural and moves us out of our comfort zone, even when we know that change will ultimately bring improvement.

Sometimes what we really mean is that we want change as long as it is similar to something that is familiar. That's why political platforms rarely differ; new CEOs may look the same as the previous ones; and budding relationships can resemble those we just left.

There are many reasons why we are resistant to change: dread for the unknown; fear of failure; a sense of powerlessness; we're creatures of habit, etc. But when we eventually make the necessary adjustments and begin reaping the rewards, we have a positive reference point for why change is beneficial.

The pivotal component in what makes change feel easy or difficult may be the level of choice we have in the experience. Personal change, like adopting good eating habits, is an individual choice that allows the greatest amount of control. Passing up a cupcake may be a test of willpower but the goal of fitting into a smaller pair of jeans is an easily imagined, and often attainable, one.

Organizational change, on the other hand, is often foisted upon employees, forcing adoption of new behaviors, systems, missions and processes that are neither individually chosen nor controlled. And while senior executives may have a voice in the change management strategy, they are not immune to the pain of change since the pressure is typically spurred by stakeholders.

Institutional change management initiatives that include components to empower and assuage the fears of the workforce, such as transparency, open communication and phased approaches, are likely to garner the most positive and least painful results. And leaders who can successfully guide their teams through transition will not only demonstrate agility, they will earn the trust and loyalty of employees.

What are you going to (re)IMAGINE today?  

I’m going to start small with.... the world.

Your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism are always greatly appreciated. 

Have a fabulous weekend filled with love and inspiration.  

Be great and (re)IMAGINE!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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"Only from the heart can you touch the sky."
~~ Rumi
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TED Tuesday: Tali Sharot- The Optimism Bias

In the talk Tali shows a cartoon and speaks about a Penguin in a way that meshes perfectly with our own (re)IMAGINE theme. She notes, "Because if you're one of these pessimistic penguins up there who just does not believe they can fly, you certainly never will. Because to make any kind of progress, we need to be able to imagine a different reality, and then we need to believe that that reality is possible."

Good Morning Folks,

What a great way to start of 2016 then commit to look at things through a more optimistic lenses!

Are we born to be optimistic, rather than realistic? Tali Sharot shares new research that suggests our brains are wired to look on the bright side — and how that can be both dangerous and beneficial. While the past few years have seen important advances in the neuroscience of optimism, one enduring puzzle remained. How is it that people maintain this rosy bias even when information challenging our upbeat forecasts is so readily available?

Optimism bias is a tendency to overestimate the likelihood of good things happening to you, and underestimating bad things. For example 40% of people divorce, but people marrying assume the probability for them is zero. Even people marrying for a second time don’t see it: “Remarrying is the triumph of hope over experience”. People tend to be optimistic about themselves and their family, while at the same time predicting a bad future for the world in general.

Optimism about your own traits gives you a confidence and sets you up for success. But are low expectations the secret to happiness? This will mean you will be happy with success in love and career, but are not disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Our speaker today, with almost 10 million views of this program racked up between YouTube and on TED, is the author of author of The Optimism Bias and a research fellow at University College London's Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. She argues the opposite, that optimistic people are happier because:
  • Optimists interpret things differently. Whether they win or lose, they interpret successes as due to their own traits and failures as poor luck or biases.
  • Anticipation makes people happy – something pleasant (a kiss from a celebrity) immediately isn’t as enjoyable as one in 3 days time – which lets you look forward to it
  • Optimism acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy – it makes you try harder to achieve your goals. Optimism leads to success.
So how do we maintain optimism in the face of reality? That is: stay optimistic despite evidence to the contrary. Tali did a study – asking people to estimate their cancer risk (for example), then giving the population rate (30%) and asking them again their likelihood. People did change their estimate, but they changed it a lot more if their first estimate was high (i.e. changing their estimate from 50% to 35%) rather than when it was low (going from 10% to 11%). Tali found that there were 2 regions of the brain: one responsible for receiving good news and one that processes bad news. The ‘bad news region’ did not trigger in optimistic people: they kept the rose tinted spectacles on.

On average, we expect things to turn out better than they wind up being. People hugely underestimate their chances of getting divorced, losing their job or being diagnosed with cancer; expect their children to be extraordinarily gifted; envision themselves achieving more than their peers; and overestimate their likely life span (sometimes by 20 years or more).

The belief that the future will be much better than the past and present is known as the optimism bias. It abides in every race, region and socioeconomic bracket. Schoolchildren playing when-I-grow-up are rampant optimists, but so are grown-ups: a 2005 study found that adults over 60 are just as likely to see the glass half full as young adults.

A cancelled flight is hardly tragic, but even when the incidents that befall us are the type of horrific events we never expected to encounter, we automatically seek evidence confirming that our misfortune is a blessing in disguise. No, we did not anticipate losing our job, being ill or getting a divorce, but when these incidents occur, we search for the upside. These experiences mature us, we think. They may lead to more fulfilling jobs and stable relationships in the future. Interpreting a misfortune in this way allows us to conclude that our sunny expectations were correct after all – things did work out for the best.

In the talk Tali shows a cartoon and speaks about a Penguin in a way that meshes perfectly with our own (re)IMAGINE theme. She notes, "Because if you're one of these pessimistic penguins up there who just does not believe they can fly, you certainly never will. Because to make any kind of progress, we need to be able to imagine a different reality, and then we need to believe that that reality is possible. But if you are an extreme optimistic penguin who just jumps down blindly hoping for the best, you might find yourself in a bit of a mess when you hit the ground. But if you're an optimistic penguin who believes they can fly, but then adjusts a parachute to your back just in case things don't work out exactly as you had planned, you will soar like an eagle, even if you're just a penguin."

Have a look...

Thanks to The Guardian and TedSummaries for inspiring me today and to you, for listening.


Love Life,

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

Ideas are not set in stone. When exposed to thoughtful people, they morph and adapt into their most potent form.TED Tuesdays on highlights some of today's most intriguing ideas. Look for more talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more— HERE

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Saying Thanks Isn't An Operational Overhead. It’s Critical For Business Success.

Good Morning Folks,

As the holiday season rolls into town, one word comes to mind: Gratitude.

ERIC HOFFER once said: "The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings."

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.... It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

We are thankful for our families, friends, clients and associates. We value our relationships with each of you.

To be part of a company where the employees LOVE what they do and the leaders CARE as much as they do, is such a blessing…we are VERY LUCKY to be a part of the FSO Family!

FSO is only a successful company because of each and every one of you. When I wake up every single day I am so inspired and so excited about what we do for YOU and our clients. I also think each and every day how I can help YOU achieve all of your personal and professional goals. 

We all have the power to make a difference today. We all have the power to touch someone today and change someone’s life. I try to do this every day. Show some love, give some hugs and tell someone how much you care for them.
  • Try today to be a mentor, a teacher or just a friend.
  • Take an interest in someone’s life.
  • Ask them how they are doing, how is the family, how are the kids. 
You may sometimes need to pry it out of them but do it! Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
  • FSO is the Fastest growing outsourcer in the Industry
  • FSO is the displacing its competitors every day
  • FSO is the best place to work in the industry
  • FSO is providing thousands a chance to reach their goals
  • FSO is the most sought out company in the industry to work
An employee recognition program is an important pillar that supports a motivated workforce; more importantly, the reward system and job design system must function together to ensure perceived equity. A simple "thank you" can serve as a catalyst and ripple to motivate productivity for a entire organization. 
Saying thank isn't an operational overhead. In an environment of increasing organizational change such as part time or remote workers, and teams working cross borders - organizational alignment is going to be even more critical for business success.

Thank you hope for taking the vision and mission and bringing it to life. Last night's holiday event was a wonderful experience and delivering what we can do as a family, team, and a common goal. Folks its our time. It’s our market to own. Its ours to MOVE FORWARD. POWER OF POSITIVE ENERGY and FOCUS.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support. We sincerely wish you and your families a festive and joyous Thanksgiving Holiday.

Here's to a wonderful and well-deserved break!

Love Life!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Color Us (re) Imaginative

“When I might feel like I'm drowning in my work all I have to do is take a few deep breaths and remember this support system of 1300 people who have my back.“

Good Morning Folks,

How lucky we are to have an extended burst of great weather here in NYC. Everyone is back from the beach and rested. You can feel the excitement, on the streets, in the air and certainly here at FSO where great ideas to better serve our clients are always in season.

I must say we are so entrenched in strategy it's amazingly exciting. When a company grows it's imperative to constantly evaluate its needs, ambitions and competition. 

That is exactly how we've accelerated growth at a galactic pace thus far. And, at our upcoming regional and national meetings, we'll be rolling out even more programs to ensure that we are the best oiled and most innovative machine this industry has ever seen. 

Hospitality is our DNA.

Operational best practices continue to be our greatest asset. 

We invest in our people.

We Fulfill Dreams.

We put Promise to Practice.

The new ideas flowing, and the programs they spur are an investment in our most precious commodity… OUR PEOPLE!  We are committed to providing our talent force with time-tested, proven and yet consistently (re)IMAGINED tools and focus like: 

  • Amazing Training              
  • Incredible Mentorship                   
  • Creative Approaches                      
  • Awesome Workshops                   
  • Real-World Application                  
  • Dynamic Development                  
  • Endless Opportunities
In business, we always want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and we've done that by investing in a very strong and creative infrastructure that most our competitors simply can't duplicate. 

At FSO, I promise our employees a career, not just a job. An opportunity for anyone with >>SKIP >>Twinkle >>Fire and a willingness to work hard and learn and grow each and every day, the a chance to shatter glass ceilings and realize their full potential as has never been possible before. 

As a client we always have your back too. And we will never stop (re)IMAGINING new and better ways to make your workplace work better. So as the harvest season rolls around, you can expect a healthy crop of great ideas to power our sites into the most critical quarter of your year and beyond.

Kiss your loved ones and thank them for all their support as we continue to work hard to fulfill the biggest and brightest dreams and ambitions of clients and employees alike. 

Have a GREAT day as I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

“The future of sourcing isn’t finding people— 
it’s about engaging them.” 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

LinkUp Thursday: A Great Summer Read

"For anyone interested in technology, entrepreneurship or the price of greatness, Ashlee Vance's new book, "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future," is a tremendous look into arguably the world's most important entrepreneur. Vance paints an unforgettable picture of Musk's unique personality, insatiable drive and ability to thrive through hardship. The book bursts with telling anecdotes and quotes that illuminate who Musk is". - The Washington Post 

Good Morning Folks,

With the holiday season upon us, we'll all be spending more time in airplanes, on boats and on the beach. It might be the perfect quiet time to put away the Smart Phone and enlighten ourselves with an inspiring business story.

I just finished the new Musk book. Has America lost its ability to think beyond the fancy dinners, yachts and houses the quick buck might provide? Our greatest American 'capitalists' did not pursue money. They pursued causes and changed the world in the process. Maybe Musk will get to mars, maybe he won't. Maybe Tesla will be able to deliver a $40k fully electric car, or maybe not. But the essence of his pursuit, the reason he risked everything he owned every day, is the interesting aspect of this book. Capital was a means to an end (eliminate the need for fossil fuels; find a place where mankind can go when we eventually and inevitably destroy this beautiful earth), not the end. Highly recommended and very thought provoking.  Order on Amazon HERE

Recently in a standing room only event at Apple Inc.’s shiny SoHo store, people packed in to listen to Steve Jobs’ biographers talk the iconic CEO’s life and legacy.

But as it now should, the discussion shifted beyond just how the iPhone inventor should be remembered, to who the next great visionary might be. The more important question now is not that of Jobs’ legacy, but whether there is, or will be, anyone in the same orbit as Jobs that has the ability to greatly shape civilization for the better.

For Schlender, the answer is Elon Musk, the Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA, -2.07%  and Space-X CEO, and chairman of SolarCity Corp. SCTY, +0.18% for his space aspirations—Musk ultimately wants to set up a human colony on Mars—and electric car. Musk, he says, has “the track record and ability to build enthusiasm and paint a beautiful picture of how the future should be,” similar to the way Jobs could.

Read this book and you will see why.

Meanwhile we do as Musk does: WOW our clients!  WOW our employees!  Roll out the Red Carpet!  Ensure White Glove Service!  Perfect professional images!  Make a difference to ensure our clients Feel the Experience!

Have a happy, smiling and productive day.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

"Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, 
who can cut through arguments, debate, and doubt 
to offer a solution everyone can understand."
~~General Colin Powell 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

LinkUP Thursday: Want To Be Better In Your Job and Life? Here's How!

"I am also humbled by your embracement of our social efforts. In April this blog set new records for readership. And in between posts here, you can find me on LinkedIn, spreading good cheers and important reads for growth and development. We had over 50,000 views in April and 12,000 likes."

Good Morning Folks,

On LinkUP Thursday, I quench your thirst for knowledge and self-development, bringing you the curated, cliff-notes version of my week’s knowledge quest— as I span the web, so I can bring all the best stuff to you here all wrapped up in an easy to digest package, all in one place. And sealed with a FSO kiss.

In between postings here, I use LinkedIn and Twitter to be your guide to the very best resources and information online, providing deep insights into how to find, hire, motivate, train, incentivize, retain and improve the lives of hourly employees— and of course for being happier at work today and always. I sort the grain from the chaff. Think of my role as your information museum curator.

So if we have not connected socially, regardless of age, role in life or anything else, I welcome all in my friendly social club. Friend me on Twitter HERE and LinkedIN HERE.

Now here is today's.....

==> Link UP To The Informative, Enlightening and Inspiring Articles I've Been Sharing on Social Media!

Brilliant post from Tamara Schenk. 
Find out why "If they don’t care about me as a prospect, how will they treat me as a customer?"’s-journey-matters-or-how-to-avoid-selblogg

The Right Way to Brag About Yourself
And why humble bragging backfires.
In both our social and professional interactions, we commonly focus on managing the impressions that others form of us, especially when these others do not know us well. In fact, when we first approach these situations and stakes are high (such as during a job interview, a meeting with a new client, or an important first date), we often receive the same advice from colleagues, mentors, and friends: try to make a good impression. After all, making a positive impression on others often translates into important long-term outcomes, such as getting the job or starting a romantic relationship. Though this is generally good advice, our intuitions on what types of strategies will create a positive impression are often wrong.

How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Day
How much sleep did you get last night? If the answer is “not enough” you’re hardly alone. According to Gallup’s estimates, almost half the people you’ll run into today are suffering from some level of sleep deprivation. So, how do you get to bed earlier and get more sleep? Here are a few suggestions, based on goal-setting research.

You can't lead people if you don't know what's driving them. Use their emotions as clues:

You’re Not a Quitter. You’re Just Not Engaged.
As I read the various posts for the LinkedIn #IQuit series, there seems to be an overall feeling of remorse by people leaving their companies. If you are moving on, taking a new direction, looking to better yourself, however you want to phrase it, don’t feel bad. Unless you are in a small company that you’ve professed your dedication or have made a commitment to, most of the time, your company is going to get along just fine without you. I know, that sounds cold. Your colleagues are your friends, and you’ve spent an enormous amount of time with them. The real question is “why are you leaving?” A few articles I’ve read on LinkedIn talk about “sucking the soul from me,” “I’m just bored,” or “I just didn’t feel like I was making a difference anymore.” Is this your fault? Maybe. But, probably not.

Throw Back Thursday Post- Everybody Leads by 2014 FSO Site of The Year Experience Director Alex Vizcarra (Chicago)
“If people are coming to work excited… if they know they’re making a difference… if they’re making mistakes freely and fearlessly… if they’re having fun… if they’re concentrating on getting things done rather than just preparing reports – then somewhere (perhaps everywhere) you have leaders.”

It's The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make: Where Will You Spend Your time? 
You always hear me talking about the Power of Focus. Get this one thing right, and everything else becomes so much easier.

Have a GREAT day as I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still." 
~~Chinese Proverb

BONUS: Of Interest (or Not) Poolside weekend chill mix

Friday, May 1, 2015

CHO Club April: Stars Make Their Mark On The FSO Walk of Fame

"FSO loves nothing more than rewarding our hard-working and valued employees!"

Good Morning Folks,

The sign of making it in Hollywood is to have your hand prints make their mark by being enshrined in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The equivalent at FSO is being nominated to participate in our monthly CHO Club. The CHO club is just another example of going above and beyond to say thanks to the wonderful people who serve our clients each and every day. These monthly recognition meetings provide the perfect platform to award, recognize and incentivize our top performers.

Some thought that our March event, which I blogged about here, couldn't be topped. Well last night it was. I loved the night, loved the people and the people loved us. 

Today I write to say, THANK YOU for INSPIRING ME. Yesterday's CHO club was perfect, exciting, and most important INSPIRING.

I so enjoy when we have a casual time to chat, recognize your victories, listen to your ideas, wins, strategies and hopes for personal accomplishments.

I made it my business to speak to every award winner including Dianne who could not talk, but made it. Lol…

Commented an employee: "Just felt I needed to thank you once again for yesterdays CHO Club get together. It was an honor to be chosen and the venue was awesome. So many people work for companies and don't have the privilege of being able to interact with the President and Founders let alone share a drink with them after work! THIS is what sets us aside from the competition! These events are great because it puts us in touch with one another. The personal aspect of FSO is alive and well in this company."

The teams were on fire and it is so easy for me to see clearly our FLP, and MRP winners today and into the future.

I left with Chelsea last night so happy with your accomplishments and how that completely translates into our client experience. It was my highlight of the year so far and I am already thinking of cool new locations like last night for May's event

It's because FSO loves nothing more than rewarding our hard-working and valued employees! Our employees represent FSO with confidence, knowledge, professionalism, smiles and a spark. From myself and the Executive Leadership Team to all of our employees across the nation – we want to say thank you for always helping us to reach these goals and congratulations to all the winners from headquarters and the field. 

Spread the word. Our next next “thank you event” of the year is just around there corner. The CHO Club will be at the end of May. Membership in the club is awarded based on ideas, strategies and cost savings suggested to the client and kudos received from clients.

Good luck to all of our employees and see you there. 

Have a GREAT end to a GREAT week as I look forward to seeing all of you soon in my travels.

Hugs all around, 

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

PS. See more photos from our March CHO event HERE

“I always strive to do better today than I did yesterday.”

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LinkUP Thursday: What Are You Reading This Week?

Good Morning Folks,

Here are some of the interesting articles I've discovered this week and have been sharing on my social networks. If we have not connected, I invite you to do so. Friend me on Twitter HERE and LinkedIN HERE.

Now here is today's.....

==> Link UP To The Informative, Enlightening and Inspiring Articles I've Been Sharing on Social Media!

About the Author:
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