Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shout Out Wednesday: And The Praise Keeps Coming For Our Talented Rock Stars

"I wanted to be sure I thanked each of you for your assistance with setting up for the 3D holiday display  yesterday. It really means a lot that you were all so willing to get things done fast and efficiently."

Good Morning Folks,

It seems like only yesterday I was getting calls about how the service in the legacy outsourcing companies that I had built, had fallen short, which began picking up the back of a napkin as a blank canvas to doodle my ideas on how I could come out of retirement and do it right.

Since then not only have we become the fastest growing company in all of outsourcing, but so far in 2015, as companies everywhere and even our competitors are cutting back and being spun off, we've hired over 200 employees, added major accounts inn dozens of cities to our ever expanding national roster of clients.... and best of all we promoted several of our Future Leaders to support our budding infrastructure!! FSO is truly embarking on something remarkable.

It's said that great leadership seems easy when things are good and everybody's happy. When times grow tough, however, a leader's true colors are revealed.

And what a challenging time for those true colors to shine with the severe weather all around us. But as you'll see from the comments below, when clients needed a true strategic partner they could count on, they counted on us. And we delivered.

Here are some of the AWESOME things our clients said about our motivated, team oriented, passionate people in the month of November… Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

To our team at a major NYC-based Motor Car Company
"Please view below for the End of Day report for 10-29-2015.

No issues on our behalf.
·           Fully Staffed
·           133 USPS daily mail have been sorted and delivered
·           197 USPS were stamped and sent via Wall St Mail
·           45 UPS incoming deliveries were completed
·           8 UPS outgoing deliveries were processed and shipped
·           0 FedEx incoming packages
·           Start of Day – 2,321.755
·           Funds Added – None
·           End of Day – 2,180.260
·           Postage used – 140.525
·           Funds Available - $5,000"

Monica Middlebrooks, IMG

"Thanks for all of your help with Hillary Mandel’s meetings today. It’s hard to plan things from another location but helpful to have you working on our team. We really appreciate it!"

To our Mary at NYC HQ of Major Retailer..
I just wanted to pass along some feedback from a resident regarding Mary Mellado. He wanted to compliment her on a job well done a few weeks back. Apparently, there was quite a ruckus after an event at VB3, and several intoxicated people were blocking the entrance to our parking garage, causing a disturbance at the back entrance to the building. The resident said that, while he was attempting to get into the garage, he witnessed Mary dispersing the crowd and taking control. He said she did a wonderful job of managing a very difficult situation. The resident said he often sees her in the evening, and she is a pleasure. It is always nice to get some positive feedback! Thanks to Mary for a job well done."

To Angila, Cherise, Alejandro, and Michael at AMLAW 200 Firm in Newark, NJ
"I just want to thank you for the wonderful job done by the FSO staff on the very large reproduction job with lots of exhibits. No explanation was needed."

To Stephen and Jimmy, Boston Records Team – At The Boston HQ of the Above Referenced AMLAW 200 Firm
"I just wanted to say that I have seen a HUGE improvement to Boston records! I want to particularly single out Stephen and Jimmy!! They are unbelievable! When you ask for labels, you get them right away! I also asked for stacks of files, and I feel that the lists are shorter than ever. The requests are done quickly and efficiently."

Whether a salesperson, an experience associate, a records manager, an informationalist, or messenger, what makes our folks so special is their ability to think beyond their daily tasks and think like our clients. 

"What would the client want? What do they need? How could i be more proactive in their eyes? How could i really impress them?"

Do you know? Have you asked? Or are you assuming?  A true partner who never stops looking out for you, who takes that extra second to ask and then ACTS! 

Never lose the passion, the smile and what makes you special but put yourself in our clients shoes and get to know what they might be thinking! 

All of you are out in the field and have the power to make an incredible impact and a difference in the wealth and success of others.

I look forward to hearing stories from our clients how our team has made an impact by being a leader.

IT IS YOU that makes FSO who we are. Love Life!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

"Happiness is an inside job."

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