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It's Wednesday: That Mean's It's Time For a Shout Out To Our Stars

"Maria is an outstanding employee who is always pleasant, and goes out of her way to help me. She is thoughtful, and I can rely on work that she gives me to be done accurately and correctly."

Good Morning Folks,

Our clients love what we are doing for them. 

When they take time to write like this it is testament to what I've been saying all along: FSO has a unique and unstoppable passion to exceed our clients expectations. Our culture is what defines us: Personal, Passionate & Productive. We have a proven business model that is key. We strive each and every day to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them. Our teams are hospitality driven individuals, recruited from brands where white glove service is required.

From our ownership team, support staff, subject matter experts... to our on-site folks, our focus is to come to work every day thinking of ways to (re)IMAGINE a better experience for you and your guests.

Here are some of the amazing things our clients are saying about our motivated, team-oriented, passionate people. I am honored to be in the company of all mentioned. 

Compliments From The World’s #1 Ranked Professional Service Firm
"Forwarding handwritten note from client's HR Managers, sent along with a Box of chocolates for our Admin Staff. They continually provide excellent service on a daily basis to this firms' employees:

Michael M

"This young lady clearly takes her job seriously and enjoys what she is doing.  She greets me and my colleagues every morning with a smile and "how are you today? Can I do anything for you? Do you need anything?" Kimberly has been extremely diligent in making sure that we are covered with paper daily; so much so that she recently walked the floor with one of the office services managers because there was a discrepancy as to why she was putting tickets in for the paper. What the office services manager saw was that she was justified in initiating the ticket and further, she was trying to understand why the floor ambassador said he had  supplied paper that morning, yet there was none/limited when the office services manager showed up. We need a few more like her; it makes the rest of our jobs much easier."

"We had a VIP group (our competitors) for a meeting and it got a bit chaotic as the power around the table was not working and some of the guests wanted chairs that were adjustable.  I kept running back and forth to Jasmine for help and although I know she wanted to throw me out the window (smile), and this is not her job, she was very pleasant,  approachable and was quite helpful in reaching out to others to get us organized. So on that note, thank you so very much. It means so very much to have had you there to help."

"Nikeisha you are amazing !! Not only for this. You always go far and beyond of your work."

"On Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Audit Partner Larry hosted an all day Client Meeting in Conference Room 23302.

I was assisting Radian EA Barbara. A bare white table was set up and we requested a table cloth. We were pleasantly surprised to received a white cloth with the our logo from Darryl.

It was greatly appreciated by the client -- received a lot of compliments, in fact.

Thank you for letting us use the tablecloth for the client. Is really a pleasure to work with you!!"

"I am a new RMO Sr Manager in Risk Assurance and wanted to let you know that Denise came to my office today to see if I had gotten my screen as someone had taken it from my office. I told her that I got the new one and i had to go pick it up at the mail room.

She was very helpful by going downstairs and picking up my monitor vs me doing it. She offered to help me get it and i really appreciate the effort she put on her part as I was really busy this week to pick it up. So kudos to her for being very helpful.

I wanted to comment that I've been very pleased with Khajuaan, who has been very helpful.  He stops by my desk to see if I need anything, and helped me with a project.  I see that he goes around the 7th Floor looking for issues, and puts tickets into the database as called for.  In addition to being responsible and responsive, he is a very pleasant person to deal with!
Thanks for listening,

"Just wanted to write a note to let you know how helpful Fariyal was this morning.  Unfortunately, we forgot to reserve a conference room for a client meeting. We tried to reach the meetings and event group As we all ran around crazy (calling Mike, running to the office of the meeting and events group) I asked Fariyal for her help and she was extremely pleasant and was able to guarantee us a room."

Maria ... At One Of The Oldest Law Firms In Continuous Existence In The United States, Specializing In Banking
"Maria is an outstanding employee who is always pleasant, she goes out of her way to help me. She is thoughtful ,and I can rely on work that she gives me to be done accurately and correctly. I would highly recommend her as employee of the month in fact the year."

Edward, Anthony & Davidson at AMLAW 200 Firm
"I walked in last week while Davidson was crawling under a desk – Witnessed it myself. Great team and Davidson definitely leads by example"

"I also wanted to drop you a note to make you aware of the awesome security staff you have. On Saturday evening, 12/5,  around 7PM I received a call from my cousin who had a car accident in Connecticut on his way home to Boston. Fortunately he was unharmed but his car was not drivable. He was forced to take Metro North back to Manhattan and when her arrived he called me. He was on 42nd and Lexington avenue with 2% power on his phone and did not know what to do. I called the security desk (X3333) and told them the situation and asked if they could help him out. They were very nice and welcomed him into the lobby, charged his phone, allowed me to speak with him over their line until I was able to pick him up and take him to a bus.

I really appreciate the kindness they showed him. Please thank the officers that were on duty that evening. I don't recall their names but they did go above and beyond to help him when he was in a bind. THANK YOU ALL FOR ALWAYS COMING THROUGH -  WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks fort taking the time to write to me about these gifted employees. I am always eager to hear more about how we are doing.

The PERSONAL touch AND CARE that our clients complimented us on…this is what sets us apart; this is why we are blowing the competition out of the water every chance we get, this is why our employees LOVE FSO and feel the connection to us! 

Cheers FSO USA!!!!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

"Leadership is service, not position" ~~Tim Fargo

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