Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh! Ricin and Anthrax and Cyanide and a Hero… oh BOY!

Chief Happiness Officer Mitch Weiner
Congratulates a True Lifesaver, our Janet Bacelos

“Wow, the person handling the mail is a real hero. 
You were really on your game and we are all ever so grateful to you.”

Good Morning Folks,

In the Wizard of Oz we can all remember the fear evoked just hearing the words “Oh! Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” But outside of the safe confines of movie fantasy the reality of working in an office today is that there are equally frightening predators awaiting those who fail to detect them.

During In the wake of 9/11, letters with Anthrax spores were mailed to and reached elected officials and news anchors, causing quite a panic as well as sickness and death to the handlers. The National Enquirer Office was across the street from Oce’s US Headquarters when I was transitioning that operation, so the threat couldn’t have been closer for me personally. The same mailman had Oce’s letters right on the truck with those earmarked to the National Enquirer.

More recently, a Texas actress was charged in sending Ricin tainted letters to both Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama. Thanks to the training and diligence of the back office support teams in those operations, the letters were averted from their targets and no one was harmed.

Being there for client where and when it counts:
A slide from FSO’s all-hands seminar on Ricin/suspicious mail training, shows the complexity of the issue and expertise that you must confirm before selecting an outsourcing partner.
Given these recent events, and that our people are trusted with responsibility for being the first line of defense for our clients in these circumstances, we conducted company-wide interactive sessions on Ricin and Suspicious mail/package training last week, hosted by Russell Gambino (VP of Business Transformation, who mastered the art of security while managing the most vulnerable areas for a large Wall Street institution after 9/11). We wanted to ensure all our staff members are completely prepared and aware of best practices and FSO protocols.

Within days the training was put to test. One of our diligent team members, Janet Bacelos, caught a tainted and suspicious package for one of our most high-profile clients, and literally kept him/her out of harm’s way.  This is what it’s all about -- and why we are the greatest Onsite Outsourcing Company in the world -- because we have amazing FSO team members!!!!
Janet --- "Many, many thanks for your diligence in handling the mail. Because of your vigilance we averted what could have been a devastating experience for one of our employees.   
Everyone who has heard the story of the letter has had the same reaction, "Wow, the person handling the mail is a real hero here." You were really on your game and we are all ever so grateful to you."

Have a GREAT day,

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

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  1. Core values and people first training at work...Kudos Ms. Bacelos. A job well done.


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