Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inside FSO: The Making of a Memorable Guest Experience

“Since shifting from in-house to outsourcing the cost is better and performance has improved”

Good Morning Folks,

A picture is worth a thousand words. So today we take you inside FSO to show you the before and after ways we never stop (re) imagining a better way to work for you.

For example the centerpiece of a memorable guest experience starts with Our Informationalist Hub (known elsewhere as "Front of House")

The hub is staffed and managed by FSO’s specially cross-trained teams or “Informationalists” who provide a wide array of administrative services from Meet & Greet to meeting room bookings, supply management, invoice reconciliation, scanning and hot desk/hoteling management services behind the Front Desk. (The possibilities are endless!)
  • FSO sees the Informationalist Hub™ as the future direction of The Guest Experience and has invested considerable time in research and development in forming the right mix of staff, technology and skills to make this an effective and cost efficient service model
  • FSO Exclusive i-Kiosks  are designed to provide a flexible mix of any Administrative Services offerings based on your organization’s needs and desires: End-users can use to submit job tickets, track packages, receive updates and news and see the great things that are happening within your operation firsthand in an engaging and interactive format.  
  • Innovative expansion of services includes: Social media support, remote worker coordination, help desk overflow services, presentation services
FSO is driven by fun, passionate people and the value they create. We hire, retain and assign people with that deep inner passion to perform — the spirit that gives them that fire in the belly, that twinkle in the eye, boundless pride in their work and the drive to succeed. New and legacy staff are always attracted to FSO and are inspired by our performance based rewards and opportunities for advancement. At the end of the day, passion is really important. You can’t fake passion—you either have it or you don’t!

Have  a look at how we are raising the bar for hospitality. Then jumping over it:

FSO will never stop (re)IMAGINING the possibilities that exist in the onsite outsourcing world. The way in which business is being conducted and communicated is being revolutionized by FSO. 

For example at mega ad agency Y&R: Y&R had spent nearly 90 years on 285 Madison Ave without having a personal concierge service. In addition, the shift of moving to a newer location felt dramatic, the primary objective and expectation was to have a solid "shoe guy" and "cleaner" in place.

Today Ben, our concierge extraordinaire, has transformed this function into  total service that makes employees lives easier by taking the errands and tasks off their backs and into our capable hands and also relieves stress with massages and other health and happy indulgences.

Says Ben, "I start very early, ready to rock at 8:00 a.m. with a gigantic smile, offering a friendly good morning to everyone who passes by the desk!  Quickly on, the first collection of personal mail trickles in. As the staff/employees begin arriving so do requests for repairs: ripped sweaters, jeans that need hemmed, shirts to be laundered, shoes to go out for sole repair and a quick shine don't forget! In the midst of these urgency's we track a lost parcel for someone, and a Creative Director has just appeared needing her watch cleaned and a battery replaced."

"It's in the great FSO spirit that makes me feel accomplished each and every day when I can make someone's life that much easier while at work. Our clients at Y&R are always on my mind, and servicing them is something I live, breathe, and FEEL, and I want them to FEEL it too!"

And other clients love what we are doing for them too:
“People show up and work gets done. The front desk changed to outsourced model and is very successful.” 
“They are like proactive, like a breath of fresh air. They’re well dressed, presentable and… cheaper!” 
“Since shifting from in-house to outsourcing the cost is better and performance has improved” 
“Always doing more to assist is what hospitality is all about.”   
“The way you anticipate needs and show the care and passion for what you do in commendable!” 
“We are convinced the did the right thing and picked the right company. Things are getting done that were overlooked before, because we have the manpower and expertise that was lacking and, as a result, improvements are being made all the time. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and to present this building to my staff”
These enhanced services and capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg of future enhancements and investments the company continues to make. 

So, if you'd like to turn those outsourcing frowns to smiles, talk to us, witness us. We'll   take you on a tour of client sites and and let you taste the FSO experience first-hand. You'll see how different life has become for some of the best known-brands in the world.

Call me personally at 212-204-1193.

Feel the FSO Experience - and ensure everyone around you does too. 

Here's to a wonderful day!

Love Life!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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"An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything." 
~~ Lynn Johnston
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