Friday, September 9, 2016

Shout Out: Cheers To Our Incredible Team

"Each of you calmed my nerves, set up the room and materials perfectly, and made sure that everything ran smoothly. I truly wouldn’t be able to do my job if it weren’t for you and the team.”

Good Morning Folks,

What does it take for a client to send a written kudos to recognize an individual or our teams performance?

When a client takes the time to write about a great job and spends a moment to acknowledge something special that has been done, or from what they may hear from an end user, the individual and or the team have made that impact that differentiates us from any and all of our competitors.

The words used when we receive an amazing kudos include:
-          Proactive
-          Driven
-          Hands on
-          Big Smiles
-          It is obvious they love what they do
-          Went the extra mile
-          Committed
-          Always there for us
-          Putting every minute into their work
-          Amazing job

Our success is all about our clients knowing they can always count on us, we will always be there for them, we care about their success and we would never let them down.

Here are some of the nice things we are hearing in the market:

To: Zachary– At One Of The Big Four Mobile Communications Companies
"Zacharey helps in all he can and takes all the time needed to explain things in detail with much professionalism and patience. He is a team player and works hardtop ensure that all responsibilities are completed."

From The NYC HQ Of The World's Preeminent Daily Newspaper
"LaBrun is responsible for six individual client floors of delivery of mail and courier packages, one of which is the Data Center which received multiple large boxes. LaBrun ensures that all the packages are handles carefully and consistently."

From Two Top 10 Financial Services Industry Clients
"Kudos to the team for assisting with a very sick individual onsite. They were able to assist in administering first aides, calling 911 as well as providing the EMT with detailed account of the situation in a very calm, professional and quick manner. It was their quick thinking and actions that saved this person life as professional assist arrived on the scene. Thank you very much for the excellent emergency actions taken."

"Michael has done a fantastic job of assisting in finding necessary space for everyday business needs like meetings and conference calls. He works tireless to make sure that his finds the correct accommodation for each request."

Erika and Davita work extremely hard and are very dedicated to the client and make sure that they handle all of the client’s needs with care and professionalism.

From Multiple Locations of an AMLAW 200 Firm
To: Records Staff – Newark
"The team has done an extraordinary job in clearing out file space as well as keeping up with their daily responsibilities. They put every effort into making sure that the client files are handled with importance and confidentiality. Great job!!!!!"

To: Antoine, Monica & Laverne – Hartford
Laverne, Antoine and Monica were extremely professional, especially dealing with Hartford attorneys and paralegals coming in and out during the 3 days they were here.  Laverne also provided training on how best to handle documenting all the files and boxes being sent to Iron Mountain. Way to go team!!!!"

To Luis & Daniel: From The World's Largest Advertising Company, NYC
"Great job on assisting the client deliver a sizable charitable donation to St. Francis of Assisi church. The client appreciate the assistance. Nice!!"

To: Daniel – Office Services, FSO-HQ
Congratulations to Daniel  on receiving the Favorite Father Award from the National Partnership for Community Leadership. This award provide him and his son with Yankees tickets where they got the chance to meet Alex Rodriguez. Congratulations Daniel!!!!

To: FSO Team at a Client in the Healthcare Industry:
"They provide a critical component to the science. They are both hardworking, dedicated to clear communication, follow up with customers, and provide high quality in their work. They also provide a collaborative approach to their work, working well together to overlap their skill sets which benefits the customer with cell lines that are of great quality and adhere to the requirements from the customer.

"Annie is a rising star, with the ability to take on difficult tasks, provide clarity from chaos, and show warmth and concern for her team. She is determined to continue to develop her team."

People are our power and our passion. Every day our folks create a positive, lasting impact through kindness, respect and dignity for those we serve. It is that partnership which builds trust and loyalty that fortifies the relationship via great service, innovation, enhancements, cost savings and care.  

To those applauded today, thank for all that you do! The next time you see any of the folks above, please give them a “Shout Out” – for job well done.

We look forward to give YOU your own “Shout Out” coming soon to a Wednesday near you.

Have a GREAT day,

Love Life!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

 . . . . . . . . ..  . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .
"First love yourself. Then give love to others. 
Give love in abundance." ~ Buddhist Wisdom

 . . . . . . . . ..  . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . 

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