Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shout-Out Wednesday: Cheers To The Nation's Best Outsourcing Team

"Brandiu’s hard work has not gone unnoticed and her positive attitude as well. She is prompt, never complains and also has a smile on her face."

Good Morning Folks,

One of FSO’s true differentiators is our CARE for our employees. We take pride in offering great job opportunities, career paths, reward programs, benefits, mentorship, and training. We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Here are what our clients are saying about their FSO staff:

Re: Gloria, Serving a Higher Education Client On Campus
"When Gloria came across someone personal documents which had very sensitive information, made sure to secure the documents and then returned them to their rightful owner. This is truly what FSO is all about and we are very lucky to have her."

From Our AMLAW 200 Clients
Re: Diana Pomales — Boston
"Diana recently was an huge help to our client in helping create a very urgent binder. The request urgent and Diana made sure to make herself available so that the project was completed immediately. Great job Diana!!!"

Re: Records Department — Newark
"The records went up to our Boston office to assist in a large offsite records project. With their quick and efficient work, the project was completely quickly. Great job!!!"

Re: Dallas Team
"Kudos the Dallas team who were treated to a lunch in recognition of all the hard work they do for our client every day. Great job team!!!"

Re: Brandi — Dallas
"Brandiu’s hard work has not gone unnoticed and her positive attitude as well. She is prompt, never complains and also has a smile on her face. She is a great asset in take care of the litigation department. Awesome job!!!!" 

Re: Katherine
"During our recent world-wide presence, Katherine could not have been more professional, helpful and supportive, as we guided colleagues around the office for meetings, lunches, photo shoots, cars, flights, etc. I am happy to say that we survived a very demanding week.

To The Team At A Wall Street Financial Services Giant
"Recently our client gave our FSO team an appreciation breakfast for all the amazing work they have done and continue to do in the Copy Center. The team works as a whole to meet the demands of the client going above and beyond exceeding expectations. Well done!!!"

At One Of The Big Four Mobile Communications Companies
Re: Pernesse — Parisippany
"Pernesse acted quickly when a very large shipment was delivered to the wrong address. She was able to track the phones down quickly and made arrangements to have them transported to the correct address. Kudos to Pernesse for her quick action and efficient work."

Re: Vince — Richardson
"Vince helped at the client site sort through various storage rooms that need to be cleaned out. With his can so attitude the spaces were sorted through and the content repurposed or disposed of properly. Vince offered very insightful suggestions through the process which lead to making the space more functional and usable."

Re: Ashton — Bellevue
"Ashton’s attention to detail, follow through and professionalism has made an incredible impact at the client site. Due to this thoroughness mail gets delivered to the proper people. He is also always willing to stepping in helping in any way he can. He is also very polite and courteous and that makes it a joy to have him at the site. Kudos Ashton!!!"!

Re: Tyler — Bothell
"Kudos to Tyler for helping out in the set up for an event. He had a positive attitude and work effortlessly and efficiently. We are truly grateful to have such a great asset on our team."

From The World's Largest Professional Services Firm
Re: Our Floor Hosts —  Chicago
"The Chicago floor Hosts are doing a tremendous jobs. They cover everything from helping guests, helping with major issues and overall just delivering excellent hospitality at every turn. The office runs much better with them greeting, escorting and assisting all guests that walk through the door. Kudos!!!!!!"

To all the FSO employees: IT IS YOU that makes FSO who we are.  From logging in the package to completing the sweep to standing up and greeting every guest coming to us for assistance with a big hospitable smile, clients can count on us because we can count on you.

THANK YOU for working tirelessly to deliver Service Extraordinaire with a smile.

I look forward to hearing more stories from our clients how our team has made a difference.

Have a GREAT day, and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

“Work for a cause, not for applause. 
Live life to express, not to impress. 
Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.”  
~~ Unknown

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