Monday, August 18, 2014

The FSO Pledge: My Personal Commitment To Excellence and To You

"We are so proud of what our culture represents: A commitment to the Employee & Client Experience starting at the top, with my undivided attention and passion guaranteed."

Good Morning Folks,

Our company is based on some very solid beliefs - training, motivating, and building a career path for the passionate people who consistently do a great job for our clients. 

Everyone is empowered to spot talent and develop future leaders. Our people become a part of the FSO family and are embraced from the moment they walk through our doors for VIP on-boarding and Experience Greatness Training. For FSO, the goal is not just to retain outstanding talent; it's about helping our talent realize their full potential through growth and discovery. FSO takes great people and we make them even better by giving them knowledge, a career path and, most importantly, the confidence to succeed in any environment. For many, we give them hope when they want more but are wondering, "How can I achieve it?"

At FSO, we answer that question by steering, cross-training and developing the teams until they see and experience the success that comes along with our goal-oriented focus. We encourage our people to dream personally and professionally. With programs like our Future Leaders Program we have the chance to hear their voices and ensure that their new ideas are implemented into our organization. 

Nothing is more important to the leadership team at FSO than ensuring the very best employee experience for every single person working within our organization; our revolutionary training & development program is proof of that. As pioneers of taking care of the hourly employee, we literally invented this stuff. By giving our people the tools they need to succeed, we are able to build the most highly trained and motivated team in the industry.

Our FSO Training programs fall into two extensive levels of training: discipline-based and leadership-driven training for all company employees.

Our clients benefit as we continually enhance skill sets of our staff as part of our commitment to ongoing skill and career advancement.

Our training programs ensure that end users receive Total Customer Satisfaction at all times by:
  • Delivering world class service levels 
  • Implementing best practices at every site 
  • Executing succession planning and leadership development of our core talent
We are so proud of what our culture represents: A commitment to the Employee & Client Experience starting at the top, with my undivided attention and passion guaranteed. As our business grows, I remain committed to helping each and every FSO employee grow and develop within our organization so that they can fulfill their greatest dreams.

That is my solemn pledge to them, and my commitment to you.

We are on fire and we are going to LIGHT UP the ON SITE OUTSOURCING BUSINESS. We are not playing in this space. We are here to own it, and will be adding resources proactively and strategically to support our budding infrastructure."

Have a great start to the week, and thanks for being a part of our amazing journey.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
The adventure of life is to learn. 
The purpose of life is to grow. 
The nature of life is to change. 
The challenge of life is to overcome. 
The essence of life is to care. 
The opportunity of like is to serve. 
The secret of life is to dare. 
The spice of life is to befriend. 
The beauty of life is to give." ~William Arthur Ward
. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . .

Recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation's fastest growing companies and ranked among the top 25 of New York's fastest growing privately held companies by Crain's magazine, FSO can proudly boast: 
  • 98 % client retention with ZERO displacements 
  • 98 % employee retention – twice the industry average 
  • 300+ years of industry experience residing in its Senior Leadership Team 
  • 120+ corporate support staff supporting our national footprint (HR, IT, Analysts, Subject matter experts etc) 
    Led by Mitchell Weiner, the co-founder and pioneer of onsite outsourcing, FSO was created to deliver what the industry has lost sight of – and everything you deserve: 
    • An outsourcing experience powered by passionate people. 
    • An intimate and personal approach to service. 
    • A partnership based on care, trust and mutual success. 
    • Involved owners listening to your needs and proposing customized solutions. 

    To learn more, please contact our national direct line: 212.204.1193.


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