Thursday, August 6, 2015

FSO On The Fast Track Welcoming A Record Breaking Surge of New Accounts

"Imagine you are a customer choosing FSO as a business partner. You sign the contract and immediately become part of the FSO family! But wait, it does not end there, you now have a specialized transition team assigned to you with Client Relations Directors, Client Relations Managers, Team Leads, Associates, and members of our operations, finance, people solutions and  IT teams ready to help you (re)IMAGINE your business."

Good Morning Folks,

Since the company’s launch in 2010, Future State Outsourcing (FSO) has been on a roll, signing a record-breaking number of accounts in all verticals with no sign of slowing down.  

FSO has dedicated significant resources in order to further support this surge of growth and expansion nationwide. But we could not make the shift without a strong leadership team who collectively has hundreds of years of onsite outsourcing experience, having created hundreds of thousands of new jobs and solid solutions that have provided decades of success to tens of thousands of organizations.

FSO is all about engagement with our clients and becoming part of your business family. Our leadership team’s experience and ideas have come from the streets and not from behind a desk or from sitting in board meetings with endless graphs full of “why nots.” Our leadership team is out in the field with you - our clients – listening, impacting and improving the services we deliver every day. In addition to our proven leaders, Our Future Leaders are truly one of our greatest assets. Our mission with Future Leaders is develop business leaders across the FSO enterprise.

Finally. An Outsourcing Partner Who Won't Disappoint You

Every account we've won and in growing the business so rapidly in just 60 months was a client of someone else who disappointed them. In this economy, bigger conglomerates look to cut costs, but make a big mistake when they skimp on training. By neglecting to properly and consistently train their folks, our competitors have opened the door for others to eat their lunch.

Training is OUR competitive difference, and folks from all walks of the company are taking advantage of it. 

As technology continues to move faster and faster, rapidly innovating companies will find that trustability and management accountability will become indispensable. Moreover, when it’s not your core competency  it’s vital to have someone else managing it who knows how to hire and train in that type of role.

FSO's surge in growth and expansion throughout the United States has been largely driven by market and client demands. Our clients are asking us to grow with them. As they expand, they want FSO by their side. Leading that charge is our President, Jim Caton.

Hospitality is Jim’s DNA. He has perfected the art of working closely with our national clients and our onsite teams in the field and remains highly engaged with every aspect of our client’s operations. Jim is tasked with expansion, while overseeing and ensuring service extraordinaire for existing business.

Operational best practices continue to be our greatest asset. Accordingly, Dean Graves joined FSO as Senior Vice President, Operations and our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to apply his first-hand client insights. Dean reports directly to Mitch and is responsible for all of the tri-state operations and staff. 

In a day and age when technology carries equal weight in relevance to people + solutions, Our Chief Information Officer, Thomas Pategas, provides a unique level of strategic support and advice for our clients.  Not only does our CIO provide unbiased hardware and software recommendations, but he also has the strategic experience to ensure our solutions are in line with our clients overall IT device management, strategic goals, and budget. HE is always thinking about how technology can drive out costs and cycles, while making possible for you what was not possible before. 

While we are partners, we are always thinking about how technology can drive out costs and cycles, and make visibility, transparency and accountability a real time event.

A Sleep-Easy Transition

With all these new accounts coming in, besting relationships with incumbent partners that, in some cases, go back decades, the question I am often asked is "what about the transition," "how will you deal with my current teams, many of whom we like?"

FSO understands the importance of a seamless transition plan. A seamless transition is the result of careful planning and setting the expectations required to persevere through it.  Our signature Sleep Easy Transition methodology brings together skilled leaders from both sides working harmoniously to minimize culture change and service disruption. A seamless transition features a communication plan to inform employees, vendors, providers, and others involved.  

The key components of FSO’s Sleep Easy Transition process are as follows:

  • Kick Off & Announcement
  • FSO Experience Greatness
  • Sleep Easy Documentation
  • The Next Generation

Each component is executed in the weeks leading up to the Go Live or Launch date.

FSO has an extremely robust transition process in which executive members of our sales, Operations, Finance, HR and IT departments are included. This senior level involvement ensures that every facet of the transition process and your company’s needs are covered.

In the event that your firm or organization has decided to outsource, FSO will help lead and guide the staff transition process once the announcement has been made. We are there with you each step of the way to ensure all legacy staff can “sleep easy” throughout the transition process.

It's all explained in detail in the business plan we will propose to you.

To existing clients: We appreciate and value your trust - we are blessed to have such loyal customers.

To those that have, or may know someone with, the need for a refreshing approach to onsite outsourcing, call me personally at (212) 204-1193. Bottom line: Our clients love us and you will too. It doesn't hurt to look and I promise we can help you to improve.

Look out to the remainder of 2015!!!  Where you can count on us to show you new possibilities, new revenue and all the happiness and peace of mind you’ve come to expect from FSO.

Have a GREAT day as I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

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"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." Harvey S. Firestone

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