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Shout Out Wednesday: Amazing Stars That You Can Always Count On

"These gentlemen are truly an example of what team work is all about. I am extremely proud of them and our client is too."

Good Morning Folks.

Taking care of our clients and always doing more to assist is what hospitality is all about. 

Passion is a great gift, and we have a lot of gifted people. Their contagious enthusiasm and cheerful smiles engages senses, touches hearts and starts the day pleasantly for everyone they meet. Their sense of personal pride motivates managers and associates to act as if it's their name on the door. That's why we question everything. From comparing shipping prices to find better service at lower rates, or examining packaging so as to reduce costs and be kinder to the environment.

The ladies and gentlemen of FSO that I honor here today are truly an example of what team work is all about. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them, and our clients are too— they've even taken the time to commend them. Now hear from the customer's mouth kudos to....

Ervin- GroupM
"He embodies everything our company is about. Ervin goes above and beyond, to provide the best service possible to our client. All week has taken on more responsibilities that we have assigned him, but this has not stopped him coming up to us  asking what more he can do. This is just the type of person Ervin is. Ervin had just taken a seat at his desk, for the first time all day. An employee walked in asking about her lost ID, Ervin stood up with a big smile on his face and said, "let me show you where to go for that." He walked her all the way to our Facilities department, where he made sure she was helped by the staff there. Ervin could have told the employee to talk to Joe or I. He could have just explained where she needed to go, But that is not the type of person Ervin is. Ervin is the type of person, that when he comes back in from helping an employee who is  looking for a lost ID(not part of his job description), he is singing and dancing!"

Charlie, Darryl & Ray- GroupM
"We’ve been short a person this week, another called out and a third had today as a scheduled day off. We literally ran half staffed. But Charlie, Darryl and Ray didn’t let that affect them, they divided up the workload took only a half hour break and got the job done. I bought them lunch and told them to stop and eat…did they? No, they continued to get the work done and only when it was complete did they stop and take a break. These gentlemen are truly an example of what team work is all about. I am extremely proud of them and out client is too."

Cleon & Alex-PHD
“Just a note of praise for Cleon… Besides him always having a smile and a good morning for everyone, he works extremely hard and is willing to help with any project needed at any time. I just wanted you to know he is really magnificent and a wonderful asset.” Way to go Cleon!!"

"Alexa has done an excellent job in providing PHD Executives and other personnel’s within the company, with very timely and useful assistance concerning the procurement process of PHD. She is always quick to respond and very kind and friendly, making for both an informative, and enjoyable conversation. It is a pleasure to work with her, PHD is sure she will continue her exceptional services into the future."

Roger , Lisa & Robert - IMG (NY& Cleveland)
"Roger has really answered the leadership call. He is focused and proactive in assisting with the management of the IMG team. He has done such a great job communicating with the team and organizing out PTO schedule. Great job!"

"Lisa is the IMG Cleveland Informationalist who definitely ensures the team is abreast of the latest IMG company information. Lisa's years of reception experience are instrumental in the guidance she shares with her colleagues. She is truly a great member of the IMG team."

"Robert is the first one in the office and would be the last one to leave if it were allowed😊. Robert continuously takes great pride in his work and always had a bright shining face."

Daniel and Anthony - Sarah Lawrence College
"You are always willing to go above and beyond. The customer asked the team to participate in a short video to send to a student and the team made it happen! She was so glad that we participated in her odd request, that she sent us a Thank You email!!"

Donna – Fross Zelnick
"Donna has been with us for ONE WEEK, and has made an immediate impact since DAY ONE. End users are telling me that she has made a huge difference, I see the pride she takes in her work……….. the perfect example for her other teammates. So glad she’s on board."

Marcos and Lale -United Nations Book Shop
"Marcos has done a fantastic job dealing with the installation of the newly renovated book shop. The new client contact is very impressed with the way the shop operates. The team hit record numbers in sales over the past few months and are on target to exceed annual projections. SOOOOO appreciate the hard work, leadership and dedication shown by Marcos!!!!"

"Lale is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the United Nations experience. She is very dependable and always willing to help."

Davidson, Edward, & Andre – Roberts & Holland
"Davidson, Eddie & Andre have provided steady, consistent and quality service to all the end users at R & H. The client absolutely loves them  and could not be happier with the team. This week they are in the process of moving Wills, etc…..from one bank vault to another – showing that FSO is and can be a true partner…….no matter what the task is."

Jannel & Inmaculada-VOYA
"We have had changes here where two people departed the company. Jannel has been working here for a while receiving plenty of training in Office services and at the reception desks. With the departure of Karina who assisted in Office services matters and as an Informationalist, Jannel has done a remarkable job in transitioning over and assuming both Office services duties and reception duties all while assisting in training our new Informationalist"

"I would like to also give a shout out Inmaculada . She has been great in providing coverage as an Informationalist and assisting us with our mailing and reprographics as well assisting me directly in binding materials for our clients."

As you can see from the client feedback, we are company on a mission to fulfill people's dreams. We also have strong client relationships with great potential to discover the art of the possible for mutual benefit.

Industry leading training, incentives, rewards, recognition and a TRUE career path sit at the heart of a successful company culture of hospitality and service that’s made the difference between a workplace people dread and one they brag about.

To employees: I  cannot think but how lucky we all are not just because we all have a job to provide for our families, but because we all have the opportunity to have fantastic careers here at FSO.

The fast-track we are on to growth and prosperity means promotional opportunities, an opportunity to earn more money to take care of your family and expand your knowledge and experience base.

I will work with you to ensure that PERSONAL, PASSIONATE, and PRODUCTIVE culture of FSO is not only maintained but enhanced.

Lets move mountains together so that we continue to be THE BEST ONSITE OUTSOURCING COMPANY IN THE WORLD!

Bottom line? We love what we do and know you will too.

Have a great day and thanks for being a part of our amazing journey.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . 
"It's not our core competency so it’s nice to have someone else who is managing it and knows how to hire and train in that type of role.”
. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . 

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