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Shout-Out Wednesday: "Infectious Enthusiasm, Professionalism And Genuine Care"

"Luther takes pride in his team. He is always ready and willing to being incredibly responsive to all requests. Thanks for being awesome!"

Good Morning Folks,

As FSO continues to grow and welcome new clients, we are constantly raising the bar to (re)IMAGINE™ the way to go to business - ensuring we deliver the very best experience to our clients and employees. 

We believe people make or break the success of an organization. We take care of our people and in turn, they take care of you. They bring a passion for hospitality and service that just can't be faked or duplicated.  

Here are this week's Shout-Outs:

                                    From Our AMLAW 200 Clients

Mark Vella – Newark
"Thank you to Mark for being a HUGE team player and going above and beyond to switch to the evening shift to help cover an open position. We appreciate you."

Jeremy — Boston
"Kudos to Jeremy for his quick and efficient response to all the client needs and his pleasant demeanor every day and in all that he does."

Linda — (Future Leader) Dallas
"Linda continues to show a great attitude at work every day while she handles multiple responsibilities that come into the office services department. Her big smile and welcoming demeanor puts out client at ease. She has been a huge asset and she does more and more each day to improve not only herself but her team. "

                                          From Our Retail Clients

NY/NJ Staff
"Great job to our staff who maintained flawless execution during a two week brand review all while covering for the CRM who was on bereavement leave. Their hard work and excellent service allowed the CRM to be with his family during a difficult time with the confidence that his team was providing great service and attention."

From Our Wall Street / Financial Services Clients

“I wanted to send you a quick thank you note for your team’s hard work and diligence. All of the ladies and gentlemen from facilities and reception helped us pull together a successful event from start to finish. Andrew, Sharifa, and the rest of the team express a warm charisma and positive attitude that can be infectious to those around them. Not only that, they are diligent in their processes and follow through on their work. Both teams successfully helped us work through logistics and audible for the past two weeks and I am truly grateful for their efforts.”

At The Headquarters Of The World's Largest Communications Agencies

Katherine – New York
"Katherine was essential in helping during a week with a large number of internal and external meetings. She assist with the food deliveries, the calendar invites, follow up and any other logistics that were needed for the meetings. She made it all look effortless and without incident. She is the main reason all the meetings went on successfully."

From The World's Largest Professional Services Firms 

Faiza — Madison Ave
"Faiza’s quick and professional  assistance makes things much easier for the team and the client. She has managed to handle various issues that are time consuming but with her assistance the end user is able to focus on other matters. She gets things done quickly, efficiently and always with a smile and a positive attitude. She checks in with the end users every morning and afternoon to see where she can be of assistance. She is a great asset."

Icelsa — Madison Ave
“Icelsa stops by daily to see how she can help. Yesterday, she was the "perfect extra set of hands," helping me prepare to host a workshop. She gathered supplies and with troubleshooting a projector issue with IT. She was prompt, timely and professional. I especially appreciated her independence and initiative in helping me.” 

Elaine — Madison Ave
Elaine is the best floor person we've had in years. She is here every day and comes by at least twice a day to see if she can assist in any way. She is cheerful, courteous and very efficient. She gets the job done whatever it may be and way before the deadline. We so often are quick to write a criticism of people but I thought Elaine should be recognized for her accomplishments.” 

Kimberly, Darryl & Faiza — Madison Ave
"Kimberly, Darryl and Faiza were essential in helping with a large event. All three were the extra pair of hands that made the event a huge success."

Floor Host Team - PwC, 300 Madison
Last week Francis has an appreciation lunch for her Floor Host team at PwC, 300 Madison. It was a Hawaii theme were May birthdays, Mother’s Day and a graduation from Columbia University were celebrated. It was a great gathering to highlight the achievements and hard work of all the floor hosts.

At One Of The Big Four Mobile Communications Companies

Michelle & Rachel — Bellevue
"Kudos to Michelle And Rachel for their outstanding customer service provides to the end users at the client site every day. Their partnership with the client is appreciated and valued."

Mailroom Team – Bellevue
"Great job to Michelle and the team for all the support they provide to client, especially the Treasury side. They have been great in providing assistance with all the projects on site."

 From Our Clients In Property Management

Carlos  – Liberty Terrace
"Carlos continues to lead his team in the right direction. While the client has been out of the country Carlos has not only taken care of the FSO responsibilities but of other needs at the client site. He is a true team player and leader."

Belinda – Greene Street
"Belinda is the lead concierge at her site and she has no easy task. She works at one of the busiest properties and she carries out her responsibilities always with a smile on her face. She has been in the role for some time now but she continues to grow and learn."

To Our Professionals On Campus

“Thanks for all your kind help with mailing and shipping, whether it’s a big office project or a birthday gift that has to get to another state (or country), you always come through with a smile!” 

                                  To Our Team At The Tax Innovator Of The Year

"Our day to day contact and the senior decision maker toured the client site last week and expressed how happy they are with the great work of the team. They were impressed with the space and the progress the team has made. The client appreciates the efforts of the team and look forward to more great work and service."

Thanks fort taking the time to write to me about these gifted employees. I am always eager to hear more about how we are doing.

Have a GREAT day as I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

"None of us is as smart as all of us." 
~~Ken Blanchard

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