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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shout-Out Wednesday: Teamwork, Creativity, And Work Ethic

"They have really done a fantastic job managing our concierge experience at headquarters, and have completely changed the employee experience from day one.”

Good Morning Folks,

Hearing feedback about some of the AWESOME ways our motivated, team oriented, passionate people support them is one of the joys of being in my position.

Front of House Solutions

"Kudos to Darryl for jumping right in and assisting during a medical emergency at site. Darryl immediately engaged and assisted until the person was taken to the hospital. We appreciate his patience, time and assistance during this incident."

"Kudos to Kimberly for diligently and promptly helping with an urgent request. Her dedication to the request and efficiency in completing the task is much appreciated. Her hospitality in all that she does brightens the day of those around her."

Legal Solutions

"Last week our office moved to a brand new home. In true company spirit some of our manager rolled up their sleeves and helped in the move. It was definitely an ‘All Hands In’ event."

"Kudos to Anderson for doing a tremendous job in regards to a huge task involving discovery materials. He went above and beyond and even showed some shortcuts for getting the task accomplished quicker. He is also very professional and helpful in all task that are assigned to him."

"Lisa took the initiative last week and assisted the client set up a presentation from an IT perspective. She was able to help in getting the conference call and PowerPoint presentation working. She truly stepped up and exemplified the “All Hands”  philosophy."

"Justine, Michael and Ryan have been praised on the great work they do every day. As a team they work together to ensure great quality service to the client."

Financial Solutions

"Great job to the team for assisting in pulling together an onsite event to celebrate the Super Bowl early. Their efforts and hard work are always appreciated and the event was enjoyed by all."

"He has been super helpful and always readily available to assist with any project necessary. He maintains a great attitude and work ethic on a daily basis.
These attributes are greatly appreciated, especially during times of extreme pressure. It has been a lot easier for me to handle my day to day responsibilities with his assistance, and he plays a huge part in making our days a lot more seamless." 

Education Solutions

"Gloria & Daniel elevated their service during the busiest time for the college when it was short staffed. They sorted, delivered and processed mail and packages seamlessly and without disruption to services to the customer. They worked great together to keep operations running smoothly."

Media Solutions
"A huge thank you to Jennifer, Marc and Alan for all their hard work which resulted in a successful opening of a second floor. Their teamwork, creativity and work ethic has allowed FSO to be successful in the midst of change and increased workload."

"Kudos to Jose for his dedication, hard work and perfect attendance. His consistency has helped FSO deliver high service level and execution on all fronts to the client. We appreciate his efforts and dedication."

Retail Solutions

"Rosie was able to jump right in last week and cover at our luxury brand. She is a quick learner and handled every task expertly. She also assist with a huge project which allowed it to be completed on time. She has a fantastic work ethic and is a wonderful asset to the team. "

Employees Enjoy National Bagel Day

To all of those applauded, CHEERS to you and THANK YOU for working tirelessly to deliver Service Extraordinaire with a smile. I am so proud of all of you, and to count you among the FSO family. Keep up the great work!!

Have a great day and thanks for being a part of our amazing journey.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
"There is nothing wrong with you that isn't made worse by being unhappy. Make yourself better, by making the best of everything."
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

FSG Stars Shine In Red Carpet Recognition... And The Winners Are...

"Last night was a genuine show of support and morale building— an example why FSO is the industry's differentiator."


We are proud to continue the tradition of hosting our annual awards ceremony, which took place at our headquarters on January 17th. The ceremony is our opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and say THANK YOU to all of our employees who go above and beyond. By offering our associates this recognition, along with career opportunities and advancement, we receive the reward of their commitment and PRIDE in their accomplishments.

We believe in training, motivating, and building a career path for the passionate people who consistently do a great job for our clients. Our goal is to become the “Best Place to Work,” and highlighting achievements is just one of the ways that we fulfill that ambition. 

We thought that you would appreciate learning who the award winners were and seeing the pictures as they accepted their award.

Here are the winners, with names below each photo. Congratulations to all!

1.       FSO Associate of the Year
Winners: Maria M, Sharifa C, & Rossi C (not pictured) 

2.      FSO Top Direct Hire Producer
Winner: Daniel W

3.      FSG Associate of the Year
Winners: Jackie J & Clark D

4.      FSG Sites of the Year
Winners: Financial Service Leaders in New York & Chicago

5.      FSS Top Consulting Producer
Winner: Lijo T

6.      FSS Top Temp Producer
Winner: Gail B

7.     FSO Top Client Renewal
Winner: Luther H

8.     FSO Site Manager of the Year
Winners: Gil Q (not pictured), Demetrius P, &
Pat M (not pictured)

9.      FSS Salesperson of the Year
Winner: Curtis D

10.    FSO Top Client Renewal
Winner: Luther H

11.    Loyalty to Royalty
Winner: Natalie H

10.    FSS Top Client/Candidate Services
Winner: Jeffrey R

11.    FSO Top Sales Executive of the Year: 

Ron Kelly

12.    FSO Senior Vice President of the Year: 

Winners who are not pictured include:

FSO Top Billing: 
Kaci P & Bobby D

FSO (re)IMAGINED New Revenue: 
Lissette U & Cacharel H

One of FSO’s true differentiators is our CARE for our employees, and there is nothing we enjoy more than recognizing and rewarding their awesome performance.

Please join us in congratulating everyone. I hope that you feel the FSG difference from our teams every day.

Have a great day and thanks for being a part of our amazing journey.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Keep the fire burning in yourself."
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Friday, June 17, 2016

FSO: Cooking Up Esprit De Corps

"What a great event! I really had fun and bonded with everyone. Thank you to the owners Mitch, Steve and Jim. This is going to be hard to top off. Thank you to the staff who put this event together."

At FSG we have a big appetite for being known as the best place to work and spare no expense or effort into making work a fun, enjoyable experience.

As a case in point, consider our owner's "Circle of Excellence." Last night, our best and brightest employees came together to reward achievement, to promote honest and open relationships and communication, and to give participants a great way to eat, drink and bond as members of this distinguished fraternity.

Each employee had to prepare their own unique ingredient that became part of a three-course dinner. After the meal was prepared, we dined together as a family. Everyone had an awesome time! All evening and all this morning that’s all we heard we are so thrilled with the party’s succes.

We believe spirit elevates people and inspires them to make real and lasting improvements to their performance at work and at home. It builds esprit de corps by challenging employees to work together, have fun, communicate freely and encourage each other to achieve a common goal.

The results are evident in the smiles of participants.

As one employee reported: "It was a great time when we can all get together to cook, eat, drink and laugh. Thanks to our owners and leadership for making FSG the place to be!! I look forward to the next one! "

We''ve built a dedicated team of full-time associates by providing training, guidance and supervision to help them exceed our expectations of excellence in service to our clients. By offering our associates career opportunities and advancement, we reap the rewards of their commitment and PRIDE in doing what they do each day.

That is why company leadership is committed to continually motivating our employees, providing them the tools they need to succeed and support helping both our customers and our associates in fulfilling their dreams and ambitions.

Have a GREAT day!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

The happiest people don't have the best of everything. 
They make the most of everything."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Putting Fun Into Work— All For A Great Cause

FSO employees come together to celebrate National Cheese Day!

Good Morning Folks,

It is said, "The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don't feel valued, neither will your customers." At FSO, we are providing great new programs and initiatives for YOU, our employees.

We had a great time celebrating National Pizza Day at HQ last week! In April we celebrated both National Beer Day and National Grilled Cheese Day! As you can see, we had quite the celebration here at FSG HQ. The café was set up with Grilled Cheese toasters and assorted CHEESE!!! We had an amazing turn out packed with directors, managers, and employees from the field. It was a blast, everyone loved it.

FSO employees "loafing" around in four easy steps: 
1) Choose slices from the Rye, Wheat or White loaves, 2) Choose a cheese 
3) Melt in the sandwich press 4) Repeat for someone less fortunate
Best of all, we turned this national celebration into an act of philanthropy! We packed a take-out bag and took to the street to give the leftover grilled cheese to the homeless of NYC.

I really enjoy these events where we can bring our staff together, it’s always a great time. Thank you Chelsea and People Solutions for your support in making FSG a great company. I personally enjoyed being in the café connecting with everyone. 

We invite the local field staff to come join us for these events any time. Be sure to check our Employee Relations Calendar for more of our upcoming events!

On behalf of the leadership team, to all of our employees reading this right now, I’d like to THANK YOU for what YOU do every day and the contribution YOU are making in helping FSO deliver to our promise, grow and be the Best Place to Work.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon in my travels.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

“Don't ever give up. Don't ever give in. Don't ever stop trying. 
Don't ever sell out. And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off. But never, ever, ever give up.”  
~~ Richelle E. Goodrich  Author

About the Author:
Welcome to the fastest growing onsite outsourcing company in the nation! Led by Mitch Weiner, co-founder and industry pioneer, FSO is "the" award winning enterprise-wide outsourcing and people solutions firm servicing a multitude of clients across North America.

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