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Monday, February 1, 2016

Outsourcing Solutions For Financial Firms

"FSO's unique visionary skill allow us to see something that does not currently exist, not just more of the same of what you have right now, to enable your full growth potential."

Good Morning Folks,

Financial organizations face new challenges meeting regulatory requirements and managing information. FSO draws on deep experience to streamline processes, reduce back office costs, and provide better service to employees and clients.

Hear what clients are telling us: 

 “FSO’s financial solutions optimized our workflows, resulting in reduced costs, increased visibility into our processes, more productivity, and improved service.’

“Every time we ask him to support us with anything he is right there willing to jump in and help us! He always has a great attitude and excellent customer service.”

“FSO worked with us to convert documents to a digital format, resulting in reduced costs and a stronger ROI on real estate investments.”

For this reason, before you renew your onsite outsourcing partnership, consider our alternative.

FSO's unique visionary skill allow us to see something that does not currently exist, not just more of the same of what you have right now, to enable your full growth potential.

We apply a productive combination of People + Solutions + Technology to reshaping white-glove experiences and delivering five-star hospitality.

Managing an outsourcing initiative is challenging. Doing so with the wrong partner is nearly impossible. More than just deliver the outsourcing you are accustomed to, we can elevate the employee experience and office services in general around the firm. It doesn't hurt to look.

To reserve a no-cost, no-obligation, comparative analysis, click on the RSVP button, or call me personally at (212) 204-1193.

Have a GREAT Day!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great."  ~~ Mark Twain
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And The Award Goes To...

"I was choked up and tearing many times during the awards..  the winners speeches and the words spoken about our growth, our care and simply how people feel was, well hard to say... just amazing."

Good Morning Folks,

FSG (FSS and FSO) is full of traditions - one of them being our Annual Awards Celebration. This is our opportunity to cheer for and to say THANK YOU to all of our employees and recognize our superstars. This year’s event was held on January 13, 2016 both at Headquarters and Nationally, and I can say it was one of our best yet! We had one of the highest number of nominees in our history of hosting the event and the celebration was just awesome.

From the feedback I've been receiving, attendees agree that Wednesday night's event was certainly one of our best ceremonies:
"Bravo to you for a successful meeting and putting smiles on so many faces." 
"Wow! What an awesome meeting!! It went by so fast - the energy, music and presenters  was awesome!"
"I was so incredibly proud of my Team! It was so great to see and hear all of the National recognition."
"I am grateful for my acceptance into the Owners Circle of Excellence. For the last few years I have seen the President's Club logo on FSO-FSS Business cards, but to now have it on my own cards is an honor."
"Last night was a triumph of corporate morale building. A genuine and energetic show of support and moxie."
"The event is just another example why FSO is the differentiator in the industry and a much deserved THANK YOU goes out to the Executive Leadership Team for hosting yet an amazing party."
Kim, Jim, Dean, and I thought that you would appreciate learning who the award winners were and seeing the pictures as they accepted their award.

Here are the winners, with names below each photo. Congratulations to all!

1.       Top Client Renewal Award
Winner: Kaci — AMLAW 200 Firm

2.       Top Billing Award
Winner: Shawn & John — World's #1-Ranked Professional Service Firm

3.       (re)Imagined New Revenue Award
Winner: Ivy – Biotech (Not Pictured)

4.       Best Client Reference Award
Winner: Stephanie – AMLAW 200 Firm

5.       Associate of the Year Award

Category 1: Jannel — Financial Services Leader

Category 2: Omar – World's #1-Ranked Advertising and PR Firm

Category 3: Leo – Wireless Telecom Leader (Not Pictured)

Category 4: Darren - Property Management

Category 5: Greg — FSS

6.       Site Manger of the Year Award

Category 1: Terrance – Footwear Retail

Category 2: Christian – AMLAW 200 Firm

Category 3: Cacharel – Wireless Telecom Leader (Not Pictured)

7.    FSS Top Direct Hire Producer Award
Winner: Sid

     8. FSS Top Temp Producer Award
Winner: Chris

9.       FSS Sales Person of the Year
Winner: Joseph

10.  (re)IMAGINE Excellence Award (HQ)
Winner: Rose

11.   Director/Vice President of the Year
Winner: Lissette (Not Pictured)

12.   2015 Passionate Power House of the Year

Category 1: Non-Profit

Category 2: Top 20 Advertising Agency

Category 3:  AMLAW 200 Firm

One of FSO’s true differentiators is our CARE for our employees and there is nothing we enjoy more than recognizing and rewarding their awesome performance.

Please join us in congratulating everyone. I hope that you feel the FSO difference from our teams every day

Have a great day and thanks for being a part of our amazing journey.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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"Keep the fire burning in yourself."
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Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

"As we head into 2016 it's important to take this moment and reflect on the past but more importantly how you will personally effect the future."

Good Morning Folks,

I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday season and were able to spend time with family and friends.

Thank you for your efforts during the past year. I hope you all feel the sense of accomplishment from within. And... thank you all for the presents, cards and the good words at our social events, training meetings and more as we closed out the year. The feedback drives me hard and fast every day, so keep it coming. 

Today starts what will be our best year ever. We are fortunate to have a wonderful team of leaders, staff, support folks and excellent clients and services that the marketplace is has embraced. 

Steve, Jim, and I are arm and arm to ensure, as a team, we bring a passion and DNA like never before, while delivering the greatest place to work.

The ELT has planned very exciting times ahead, and I am very excited for an awesome 2016! Our goal continues to be to WOW! Next week we will have our 2015 AWARD CEREMONY to RECOGNIZE our TOP employees for all of their hard work and achievements. This is my absolute favorite FSO celebration and I can’t wait to cheer you on.

Employees know that your owners believe in you and you have to believe in yourself to thrive. Strive and thrive. Think about it. Today is resolution day. If you have any or not, it's a great time to think about, "how can I do it differently," how can I (re)IMAGINE, and how can I be the leader I deserve to be?

Life is full of challenges: personal, family, health, financial, business and more. How you approach them and lead the way is what you have to manage. Attitude is everything. Keeping strong and positive. Never letting the world see you sweat and making the responsibility yours to win and overachieve.

2016 will be a year of growth for all as business professionals and allowing you to exceed all your goals. With your excitement and daily care there will be nothing that stops us. 

Welcome to 2016 at FSO – let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN together.

Love Life!

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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"Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives."
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Resolutions: Forgiveness. Compassion. Gratitude.

"You are all very special and bring tremendous talent and spirit across every client that we take care of across all of our services – so I say thank you to one and all for all you do!!!"

Good Morning Folks,

As I write often we have lots to be thankful for and I am sure as a team 2016 will be our best yet. 

During my holiday vacation time I was catching up on reading and began curating articles for sharing next year on social media.

One of the best articles I read this vacation was Creative Leaderships "My Four Rules," New Years Resolutions written for the year 2000:
1. Don’t speak ill of others. 
It’s human nature to knock the other party down when they aren’t watching as a natural survival instinct. I always admire the people I meet in life
 who never feel they have to speak ill of others to make themselves look good.
2. Avoid passive aggressive behavior. 
Failing to be forthright with what you really want to say can be hurtful. Being honest and respectful is a good way to deliver a difficult message.
3. Listen broadly, but don’t waffle on decisions. 
When people depend upon you to make a decision, they’re basically asking you to be responsible for the possible failed outcome. Your decision should be based upon expert opinions culled from your team, but in the end you make the final decision and are the one responsible — you bear the responsibility for the team. If you’re wrong, admit you’re wrong early and things will usually go better that way. If you’re right then consider yourself lucky and pass on the win to your team. Keep moving forward.
4. When in error — admit, apologize, move forward. I am not perfect. 
The only way that I can guarantee not making any mistakes is if I were to do absolutely nothing. So by doing anything at all, I risk making errors of varying degree of intensity. When, and I will, make a mistake I will admit the
Since New Years is a a time for reflection and resolutions, today I'm going to give you a preview of some of the inspiration I discovered that can help you reflect on your career.

From Jet Blue's Outstanding CEO: "Finding a Great Mentor –  10 Things to Look for" by @JoelCPeterson on @LinkedIn 

Office attire that makes you look impressive... 

7 Habits of Highly Confident People by @kamaka_women on @LinkedIn 

Why Just A Job Is Never Good Enough 

And finally.... 35 things you should do for your career by the time you turn 35 (no matter what age you are!)

You may need to be logged into LinkedIn to view some of these. If we are not connected there yet, hit me up for an invite. 

And to keep up on my shares between blogposts, follow my PERSONAL twitter account where you can scroll back through 2015 and nearly 6,000 of no BS, hand-selected articles discovered by me, and passed on to you— to help improve your life and career. Leading to all the love, happiness and success you deserve.

As the end of year approaches it's the perfect time to reflect on how FSO has flourished in such a short year! We have continued to grow exponentially and expand our presence with great new sites and wonderful new staff nationally. Your commitment to service and our clients saw us recognized as the fastest growing onsite outsourcing yet again. 

We also created thousands of new jobs, recognizing and rewarding more employees than ever! I launched the "Happiness" team as part of my unbridled commitment to ensure that training and development, recruitment and hospitality were the best in the industry and that FSO will be the happiest place to work. 

The one thing that has been unwavering throughout has been the FSO culture. 

You are all very special and bring tremendous talent and spirit across every client that we take care of across all of our services – so I say thank you to one and all for all you do!!!

This has been and always will be, our differentiators. Our skip, fire, and twinkle will never be replaced. It is what our clients BOUGHT and what attracted many of you to work for Me and FSO. Our motivation, power of positive energy, fun, spirited and personal approach to business will ever be compromised! 

Thanks to everyone for their great efforts this year - we are blessed to have such dedicated and employees.

I want to wish all of you and your families a wonderful Holiday Break and a fantastic New Year. Celebrate happy but safe with friends, colleagues and family. 

The countdown has begin and in 2016, FSO only gets better from here. From the Forrests. Catons and Weiners, have a very  Happy, Safe, and Fun filled New Year's Eve. 

Life is too short, so why wait?

Have a GREAT weekend,

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

Lose weight, finding love, advancing your career-whatever your 2016 resolutions and goals may be remember: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." [Dale Carnegie]

Monday, December 7, 2015

Let’s (re) IMAGINE!

"Let’s (re) IMAGINE capitalizes on our unique visionary skill to see something that does not now exist, not just more of the same of what you have right now."

Good Morning Folks,

A new report from our client, Grant Thornton, reveals 40 percent of businesses worldwide are outsourcing back-office processes or plan to do so in the near future. A catalyst for growth and innovation, outsourcing can free up resources tied into back-office processes and put them into higher value-add functions, helping to drive business growth.

Our clients and prospects are telling us that they want a different experience; that they don’t want to do business in a traditional way.  That’s where "Let's (re) IMAGINE!" comes in. We bring a refreshing and strategic approach focused on delivering real results.

Recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest growing companies three consecutive years, FSO’s founders are industry pioneers who’ve introduced transformative solutions to thousands of the world’s best-known brands, and created tens of thousands career opportunities for a “forgotten-demographic” over 30 years.  

After building two previous outsourcing companies to 100+ million revenue and acquisition, we got back into the business as FSO with a blank canvas and a desire to add value and a personal touch to traditional services. 

At FSO, the customer experience is our greatest differentiator. The corner stone of our strategy has been "Let’s (re) IMAGINE" which capitalizes on our unique visionary skill to see something that does not now exist, not just more of the same of what you have right now. We apply a productive combination of People + Solutions + Technology to enable possibilities previously out of reach.

We start each initial consultation by considering “out of the box” alternatives and options, even as crazy as they may seem:

“You’ve always done it this way. Why?“

“What’s preventing you from growing into all you deserve to be? 

"How do we pursue our goals with the resources we have?"

               “If you could design a firm completely from scratch, and have it any way you    
               want, what would it look like?”

A partnership with FSO helps fuel business growth through innovation, driving down costs, improving business processes, streamlining operations, and helping organizations to become more competitive. 

In addition, customers choose FSO because we .... 

Improve productivity and service levels.
Provide five-star, white-glove service and hospitality.
Control spending and improving profitability.
Deliver significant and positive changes in employee expertise, attitude and results. 
Bring your brand values to life and make visitors feel warmly welcomed.

To come up with a custom solution for you, our analysts will go in and take a look back office people, equipment, technology, in order to find cost savings and streamline processes to do business better.

With "Let's (re) IMAGINE," by coming up with new ideas and total solutions, we open our clients to new possibilities and new revenue streams. We (re) IMAGINE their guest experience through a very high-end personal touch and concierge approach creating a unique guest experience – from the First Impression to a complete hospitality experience – FSO are delivering something special.

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, there isn’t room for inefficiency at any level or to tie 46% of management time up stabilizing processes. By contrast we'll operate your back-office processes at a world-class level, eliminating the hidden costs in running these departments. Done well, outsourcing can reward companies by reducing their costs, giving them access to expertise they may not be able to afford or find in-house, and freeing them to devote more of their time to their core business activities

Managing an outsourcing initiative is challenging. Doing so with the wrong partner is nearly impossible. If you have any questions concerning your back office, whether it is your traditional outsourced services or you are considering examining some your other supporting office roles, we are here to help.

Call me personally at (212) 204-1193 and we'll take the conversation to the next level.

We wish you a joyous holiday season and all the wealth and success you deserve in the New Year.

Have a GREAT Day. Love Life.

I'll be a seeing you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  
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"If you want to change who you are, change what you do."
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About the Author:
Welcome to the fastest growing onsite outsourcing company in the nation! Led by Mitch Weiner, co-founder and industry pioneer, FSO is "the" award winning enterprise-wide outsourcing and people solutions firm servicing a multitude of clients across North America.

Contact Mitch: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email