Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shalaine Adams Promoted To Newly Created Regional Manager, Delivering the Experience

"It's hardly a surprise at all that you are one of our fastest rising stars. You embody the FSO spirit in everything you do and it is surely felt by everyone you encounter. Dreams do come true with FSO. Congrats!"

"Your bright smile and radiating energy is going to spread like wild fire out there. It won't be long before they declare Chi-town as Shay-town."

"Congrats Shalaine!! I knew the first time when I met you that you are a star in so many ways"

"Congratulations Shalaine! You are an inspiration, and a force to be reckoned with."

"Congratulations Shalaine- Hard work never goes unnoticed I'm very happy for you and excited about all the great things you're going to do!!!!!! I wish you continued success."   

"Congratulations Shalaine, you're where you suppose be.  I commend you for all the hard work you put forth to get where you are today."

"You're truly a an inspiration to many others. Continue much success and best of luck in your endeavors. I admire you Ms. Shalaine."

"Success comes from seeing life, your passion and golas as an unending process of trying, learning & growing. I'm very happy for you and your promotion"

Good Morning Folks,

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Shalaine Adams to the newly created position of Regional Manager, Delivering the Experience. And from the reactions of colleagues as quoted above, the whole company welcomes this move with open arms.

FSO is all about THE EXPEREINCE. As you know we have gone national, operating in over 63 cities across the USA. In Shalaine’s new role she will work with all of our teams rolling out our brand Nationwide. Shalaine will lead and assist in training, her largest percent of time, specifically around the CLIENT and EMPLOYEE experience. As well as on boarding our folks, assisting sales in presentations while continue to work with our People Solutions team; partnering with Chelsea and Missy, to set standards and EXPERIENCE training nationally. 

Prior to joining the FSO Family two years ago, Shalaine was an Executive Assistant with Canon (once owned by me) for 13 years; yes she started working when she was 12, LOL. When not a “trainer extraordinaire”, Shalaine loves to sing and dance, those of us who are here late with her on Friday nights can attest to her exceptional vocal talents! She is approaching her new position with all the enthusiasm and excitement that has made her famous throughout the FSO Nation. Shalaine will start her new role on September 2nd and will be headquartered in our Midwest regional office in the downtown Chicago loop.

“Words cannot express how excited I am to accept my new role as Regional Manager, Delivering the Experience," Shalaine told me. She also wants everyone to know...
"As I reflect back on my humble beginnings as an Informationalist; I knew I wanted to grow and further my career with FSO. I set goals and came to work with purpose & drive. I realized that believing in Mitch and the promise of a career, not just a job, was my privilege as an FSO employee!

Soon, my dreams began coming to fruition as I became a part of Future Leaders Program (FLP), and was promoted to Assistant Manager, then EM, on to Corporate Trainer and most recently Regional Manager! Today I have reached the first plateau to my newly set goals and I am well on my way!

“I truly feel that touching our employees and delivering on the FSO experience is an honor, every day I get to hug, inspire, train & motivate the greatest employees in the world, I am truly Blessed!

My experience as part of the FSO family has been an amazing; I look forward to paying it forward! I am truly honored and look forward to lighting up the nation!”  
I want to Congratulate Shalaine for this terrific accomplishment. Shalaine’s promotion is just one example of how FSO is changing the onsite outsourcing world! 

If it were not for our amazing people, our outstanding clients, our unique strategy and most importantly our love for our clients and employees, we simply couldn't have come so far! Our commitment to exceeding our client’s expectations, ensuring that every single person is the best trained and best prepared employee they can be.  This is what sets us apart!

The Best is Yet to Come! We have only just begun.

Have a GREAT day as I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

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