Friday, May 1, 2015

CHO Club April: Stars Make Their Mark On The FSO Walk of Fame

"FSO loves nothing more than rewarding our hard-working and valued employees!"

Good Morning Folks,

The sign of making it in Hollywood is to have your hand prints make their mark by being enshrined in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The equivalent at FSO is being nominated to participate in our monthly CHO Club. The CHO club is just another example of going above and beyond to say thanks to the wonderful people who serve our clients each and every day. These monthly recognition meetings provide the perfect platform to award, recognize and incentivize our top performers.

Some thought that our March event, which I blogged about here, couldn't be topped. Well last night it was. I loved the night, loved the people and the people loved us. 

Today I write to say, THANK YOU for INSPIRING ME. Yesterday's CHO club was perfect, exciting, and most important INSPIRING.

I so enjoy when we have a casual time to chat, recognize your victories, listen to your ideas, wins, strategies and hopes for personal accomplishments.

I made it my business to speak to every award winner including Dianne who could not talk, but made it. Lol…

Commented an employee: "Just felt I needed to thank you once again for yesterdays CHO Club get together. It was an honor to be chosen and the venue was awesome. So many people work for companies and don't have the privilege of being able to interact with the President and Founders let alone share a drink with them after work! THIS is what sets us aside from the competition! These events are great because it puts us in touch with one another. The personal aspect of FSO is alive and well in this company."

The teams were on fire and it is so easy for me to see clearly our FLP, and MRP winners today and into the future.

I left with Chelsea last night so happy with your accomplishments and how that completely translates into our client experience. It was my highlight of the year so far and I am already thinking of cool new locations like last night for May's event

It's because FSO loves nothing more than rewarding our hard-working and valued employees! Our employees represent FSO with confidence, knowledge, professionalism, smiles and a spark. From myself and the Executive Leadership Team to all of our employees across the nation – we want to say thank you for always helping us to reach these goals and congratulations to all the winners from headquarters and the field. 

Spread the word. Our next next “thank you event” of the year is just around there corner. The CHO Club will be at the end of May. Membership in the club is awarded based on ideas, strategies and cost savings suggested to the client and kudos received from clients.

Good luck to all of our employees and see you there. 

Have a GREAT end to a GREAT week as I look forward to seeing all of you soon in my travels.

Hugs all around, 

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

PS. See more photos from our March CHO event HERE

“I always strive to do better today than I did yesterday.”

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