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Friday, June 12, 2015

Inspire ME Friday: Jen's Scarf— Hospitality Defined

"It was absolutely the most memorable event that I can remember in most recent years. I was blown away!"  -Jen

Good Morning Folks,

Today a very inspiring story from our own Director of Intelligence, Eddie Pons:

A silk scarf laid in a puddle of mud on a rainy day, just like today. It was beautiful, a brightly colored flower print that challenged the grey weather. The senior lady that owned it, had it stripped off of her person from a gust of wind the rain blew past her, unknown to her as she swiftly kept walking to remain as dry as possible.

A gentlemen took notice, ran after the silk scarf, looked up and... the lady was gone.

The young man tried to track the lady down in the rain - up and down the street, left and right, to no avail. He went back to the building where she exited from, the very office building where the young man worked. He inquired with the building concierge as to the reason of her visit, where he found out she was there for a meeting. He got her name and business address and researched her immediately. He reached out to her and was able to speak with her assistant who informed him that she would be out of town for 2 days and would not be reachable.

The young man took the silk scarf to the dry cleaners, had it packaged, wrote a personal note to the lady and had the scarf delivered to her office, waiting for her return. The note simply said: "hope you enjoyed your trip."

THIS is absolutely what HOSPITALITY and going above and beyond are is all about. Making a direct impact on someone in an incredibly amazing way that just makes someone else feel wonderfully.  

Receiving this level of service is a feeling we all want and deserve. Delivering this service makes us feel equally as wonderful!  As we enter into the Summer Holiday Season, the POWER of FOCUS should be, it is better to give than to receive - this is in the forefront of everything we do.

This is a practice I believe deeply in and promote regularly. Jen sent the above note via e-mail as the package with the scarf had a business card accompanying it as well. The card was mine - Jen and I remain in contact throughout the years!

Helping others.... feels great.

Train others to be as hospitable as possible to leave a lasting impression and see just how good you feel in the process.

Make an Impact…

Make a Difference…

Make someone’s day – and yours as well.


How can I help you? 

Thanks Eddie. That's service with a capital S. And remember that inspiration grows from perspiration.

So lets all join hands and be happy!


Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, 
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
~~ Carl Bard

Monday, April 27, 2015

Always Do The Right Thing

"It's about how we treat and care about our people. How we motivate them and continue to develop our folks.  Folks do the right thing. Trust and believe in your leadership. Always do the right thing and love life."

Good Morning Folks, 

Greetings to the greatest people in the on site outsourcing business. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and was able to spend a bit of time relaxing and clearing your mind so you are fresh and ready for another awesome week at FSO.

As we grow and look forward to a prosperous future, we will never forget the Personal, Passionate & Productive mindset from which we began.

We promised you that from the beginning that we will improve service, reduce/control cost and take care of the people. We are taking a step forward to never losing sight of the promise by going back to the basics.

Because our employees are our connections to clients, we need to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what FSO does, stands for and is achieving for you each and every day. That’s why we established Mitch’s Institute of Training (MIT). 

Across FSO USA, we have been making great strides in our commitment and the Power of Focus to impact the Client Experience and ensure that we execute and deliver operational expertise. These past two weeks have been packed full of strong activity, great meetings and the launch of the MIT will be one of if not our strongest commitments and training tools to ensure everyone across FSO is continually learning and growing

One thing we know and that is momentum is how businesses thrive and grow, and our momentum is rocking – so Train the Trainer is in full motion through our MIT and we begin the next phase. Just imagine ONE TEAM across FSO that know everything about the company there are part of and what we stand for and what and how we sell and why clients bought us and why prospects buy us and how that carries forward from our sales front end to perfect execution and delivery on the back end through operations – our Promise to Promise – our re imagine – our Solutions and our Ideas, Innovation and client Cost Saves. 

The first MIT meeting allowed for our employees to walk away with eye-opening insights. The floor was opened to exchanging stories of success, to getting to know each other better and to finding inspiration in the powered of shared experience. Missy Adriazola, our Director of Training put it this way:
"We kicked off MIT 2 weeks ago with Mitch sharing his vision of FSO- past, present and future.  It is crucial that everyone plays their part for the future and growth of FSO.  But, with that comes learning about what we do, and how we do it.  Last week, with Round 2, Bomsi shared a little more detail about the company history and the expectations ahead.  And, since we’ve all learned “what” we do, who FSO is and Mitch’s vision, it’s time to get to work on the “how to” portion of training.

As head of training at FSO, I could not be more excited to share that there are great things in the works for the next round of MIT.  The promise to practice from the training team is that we ensure that you all have the tools you need to perform at your best and teach your teams to do so each and every day.  We are ONE team made up of individuals who CARE about each other and our clients. This is a huge differentiator in the marketplace and how FSO sells and closes deals daily.  We hire those who have the DNA of fire, skip and twinkle.  We look for those who are hospitality driven and go above and beyond every day." 
As we continue to build our company culture together, which you know includes positive energy, honesty, trust, respect, integrity/ethics, warmth, transparency, and CARE. You will only be able to achieve success in your role through solid communication - but talk is cheap. The question is: do your words matter and influence the outcome? Do you really connect with your team? Can we be doing better?
  • How the operation could run better, more efficient?
  • Are there better ways we can be organizing our areas better?
  • Are there ways we can order things like supplies and equipment to save our clients’ money?
  • Can we be more productive in the way we maintain the cleanliness of all areas?
  • Service with a Smile means just that and how are we ensuring every contact with an end user or guest is perfect and special?
  • What ways can we improve Hospitality?

There is nothing to wait for or direction needed from our clients in finding ways to (re) Imagine and make things better – your ideas and expertise is exactly why we are entrusted to run our clients operations – they outsourced to us and we must take the opportunity to show them why their decision was the best they ever made and we will deliver on our Promise to Practice.

You will know you've connected with your team when: they go the extra mile and always give the extra effort, they say positive things and provide unsolicited appreciation, they demonstrate trust and have an unguarded openness, they express themselves and communicate frequently, they feel good about their role and their value to FSO, they have positive energy, and you have growing team synergy. 

Our company is all about PERSONAL. Love our employees and love our clients.. and we should never stop thinking of how to wow them. The Power of Focus and the Power of Positive Energy will always be key to our future success. 

MIT presents us with an opportunity to take time and (re) IMAGINE the services we provide to our clients, and the road we pave for our employees —with the idea that we are one team, one family.

Thank you for your partnership and continued support. We look forward to sharing our success as the MIT program moves forth and grows.

Have a great week and thanks for being a part of our amazing journey.

Mitchell D. Weiner
Chief Happiness Officer  

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Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing" 
~~ Albert Schweitzer
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